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Extra-curricular timetable:

At Killarney Heights High School we value learning beyond the classroom. Our staff offer an extensive range of opportunities for students to explore ane extend their interests.

Killarney Heights High School Extra-Curricular Program 2024 - Term 2


Killarney Heights High School has a strong and successful tradition of debating. Within the school, we run lessons in debating techniques within the junior English programs and this culminates with the inter-class Rose debating competition, held for each junior Year.

We also enter the premier's debating challenge which conducts interschool competitions for Years 7 to 8, 9 to 10, 11 and 12.


Killarney Heights High School runs musicals every two years and past productions have included We Will Rock You and Oliver!  Musical auditions are open to all ages and experience-levels. The rehearsal process brings together students from the whole school to work with our talented band and stage crew to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, which teaches children the value of practice, refinement and collaboration. We look forward to being back with a musical in 2022!

For the first time in 2020 KHHS created a whole-school theatrical production of the play, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Simon Reade. Featuring students from Years 7-11, the play truly bought together the students during a year where the performing arts suffered due to COVID restrictions. It was wonderful to see the spirit and talent of the students come to life in this series of performances that celebrated the power of imagination and independence. The production was played to restricted live audiences and transmitted on live-stream. We look forward to our next whole-school play in 2021.

Year 10 Plays

As part of the Stage 5 curriculum, Year 10 Drama classes collaborate together in the Theatre Production Company unit with both performing and production roles to bring a play to life. Students rehearse, devise and produce during class-time, rehearsing after-school and on weekends as necessary. The result of this is a production that brings the class together and teaches students to appreciate and value diverse talent and collaboration skills. The Year 10 plays will be performed in Term 2, Week 3. 


Instrumental Music Ensembles Program(IMEP/Band).

At Killarney Heights High School we offer a comprehensive band ensemble program, with many amazing opportunities throughout the year which will continue to develop, improve and inspire each student's musical passion, with a variety of band ensembles to suit every student's ability.

We currently offer 7 ensembles at the school, with over 100 students participating in a very active program. These ensembles are the symphonic wind ensemble, concert band, big band, jazz orchestra, stage band, chamber orchestra ensemble and guitar ensemble. Each ensemble is taught by a professional musician or conductor and rehearses in our Crossley Hall and classrooms A7 and B13. Every band is given the opportunity to perform regularly at various events- NSSWE, North Shore Music Spectacular, Northern Beaches Youth Orchestra, Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival, Sydney Schools Jazz Festival, ASBOF, World Music Day, Manly Jazz Festival to name just a few and competitions- Festival of Instrumental Music, Acacia Concert throughout the year. Students are always busy preparing for concerts and experiencing new and challenging music.  It is expected that every student involved in our music ensembles program is undertaking weekly private lessons with an experienced, professional tutor (preferably a musically studied university graduate).

One of the most important aspects of our program is band camps and tours! These operate on a 3-year rotation. In the first year, all students attend an intensive band camp for 3 days. Professional tutors conduct workshops to develop balance and musicianship within each ensemble section. This culminates with the various ensembles showcasing their work over the duration of the camp and throughout the year.

The second-year students undertake a regional tour. They participate in workshops with other conductors, perform at other local schools as well as perform at a variety of community events. Students also can bond as a group during some fun non-musical activities throughout the tour.

The third year sees a combined ensemble touring overseas! Past tours have included New Zealand, Singapore, Europe and in 2017, Japan, Spain and Portugal had been planned for 2020. This tour is open for audition to all students across all of our ensembles in the program, however, a high-playing standard and strong commitment are expected of all touring students.

Students in our junior ensembles generally undertake a short regional tour in the international touring year. Please take the time to explore this website, which will hopefully assist in answering any questions you may have. In particular, you can read more about each ensemble and its requirements under the 'ensembles' tab.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Killarney Heights High School music ensembles program. To find out more or to get in touch with our ensembles coordinator, please visit our band ensemble program page.