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Parents and citizens

The P&C’s remit is to support the Principal and staff to ensure our children have the very best educational opportunities and experience at KHHS  

The P&C meetings are an opportunity to learn more about your child’s school, achievements, future plans and any important issues facing and how we can support the school in resolving these. We also discuss and agree how the P&C contributions are to be used to ensure the school and students get maximum benefit from this investment. Please note, that owing to changes in the Executive team this year, the committee does not have a Vice President, and we are seeking nominations for people who would be keen to join the committee for 2022.

We thank you for your support.

Henry Willmington


Current P&C

2021 Parent Executive Group


For further information please feel free to contact one of the following P & C Executive Committee members:



Henry Willmington



Kathryn Latal



Erica Scotter


Email us on


Dates and details for KHHS P&C meetings 2021.

Generally, these meetings are held on the 4th and 8th Monday of the term but are now on Zoom until further notice.


Term 1

15th February - A block, Common room, 7.00pm Welcome to new parents and twilight tour

15th March - A block, Common room, 7.00pm.


Term 2

10th May - A block, Common room, 7.00pm.

15th June - A block, Common room, 7.00pm (held on Tuesday as the 14th is a public holiday)


Term 3

2nd August - A block, Common room, 7.00pm.

30th September - A block, Common room, 7.00pm.


Term 4

Given the current home schooling world we are going to have one meeting in Term 4.

22nd November -Zoom: 7.00pm - Annual general Meeting Details (Agenda, Minutes, Nomination forms) are emailed, or can be downloaded from the Parent Portal. Email for any further information.


How can you  support the P&C?

By attending our meetings held twice a term and paying the P&C contribution you will find on your school fee notice. With these contributions we support the school by providing resources to enhance:

  • The learning environment in the classroom
  • The physical environment of the school buildings and grounds

In the past few years we have achieved the following:

  • Upgrade of canteen facilities
  • Installation of fans in the Crossley Hall
  • Additional resources for the classrooms and additional lockers
  • Replacement of sunshade above the quad
  • Creating an innovative collaborative learning space in A Block Common Room
  • Installation of Air Conditioning in the collaborative learning space and the Band Rehearsal space
  • 3rd Science laboratory upgrade whereby P&C funding was matched by Govt funding. Supported by our local MP Brad Hazzard
  • New Timpani for the band
  • Introduction of new school jackets and hats through our collaboration with the uniform shop


Our plans for 2021 include


Continue to provide funds for the science lab upgrades

Continue supporting the grounds upgrade and maintenance with Working Bees held once per term


Further Information

Northern Sydney District of P&C Associations