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Music is taught at Killarney Heights High School from Years 7 to 12, providing students with a curriculum structure that is adaptable enough to meet the needs and abilities of students whose interests range from the broadly based to the pursuit of specialised musical knowledge and skills. Music in Years 7 and 8 is a mandatory course which covers a range of topics with a particular focus on Australian music and art music. Music as an elective in Years 9 and 10, provides students with opportunities to extend their musical knowledge and serve as a pathway for further formal study in music 1, music 2 and extension in Stage 6.

Performance opportunities exist for students ranging from in school recitals and concerts to community events, festivals and competitions. We encourage musicians to be involved in our variety of ensembles including concert band, stage band, chamber strings, guitar ensemble, sing NSW and wind ensemble. Students also have the opportunity to attend concert series at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Conservatorium and use facilities including the Australian Music Centre Library.

At Killarney Heights High School, students have the opportunity to use the latest technology to compose and record their own work using the keyboard lab fitted with 15 computers, MIDI keyboards, mixing hardware and software such as Audition, FL Studio, Sony Acid, and Sibelius.

The purpose of music 1 is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes within a broad musical context, including contemporary popular music. Students will develop in each of the individual areas of performing, composing and listening.

The purpose of music 2 is to provide students with opportunities to extend their musical knowledge with a focus on western art music. It will serve as a pathway for further formal study in tertiary institutions or in fields that use their musical knowledge. Students who study music 2 are also eligible to study an extra unit for the HSC music extension course.​

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