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In NSW high schools, languages is a key learning area.

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela

Language learning opens doors into the world by helping us:

  • understand how others speak and think
  • appreciate their customs and traditions
  • communicate with them with tolerance and savoir-faire
  • create opportunities for future careers and international exchanges.

The study of a language is compulsory for 100 hours in one continuous school year, at Killarney Heights High School all students study French or Japanese in year 8.

French and Japanese are offered as an option in Years 9,10,11 and 12. 


Students who have studied French for a minimum of three years at primary school have the possibility to study French in year 7. 


The French classes are streamed by ability throughout. Students may be placed in a beginners, prior learners or background speakers class. 

In Years 11 and 12 our students can study Continuers French or Japanese with the guidance of our languages staff.

Other languages may be studied through the NSW School of Languages, this course is predominantly online and through phone lessons.  



The aim of the Languages Faculty at our school is to foster and promote the enjoyment of studying a language other than English. Opportunities to gain enrichment through cultural activities and excursions are offered in all courses. 


Years 7 to 10

Students who have studied French in primary school continue to study French in Year 7 at either the Prior Learning level (Anglophones) or Background Speakers level (Francophones). All students then study 100 hours of a language in Year 8: French or Japanese. Within French, different classes are offered to cater to students’ level: Beginners, Prior Learning or Background Speakers. Students in Years 9 and 10 can elect to continue their study of languages: French or Japanese. 

Other languages may be studied in stage 5 through the NSW School of Languages.

Years 11 and 12

Preliminary and Higher School Certificate (HSC) courses—these language courses are offered at different levels to cater for the language backgrounds of students:

  • Beginners courses start in Year 11 and are for students who have not studied the language since Year 8, and who have no background in the language (2 units).
  • Continuers courses are offered in Years 11 and 12 for continuing students of French and Japanese (2 units).
  • Japanese Extension and French Extension is available for students studying Continuers Japanese or French in year 12 (1 unit).


Other Languages studies

Language in context courses in Asian languages (starting in Year 11), as well as various community languages (Years 7 to 12), are not available at our school but are offered by the New South Wales School of Languages (distance education) and the Secondary College of Languages (Saturday school). 

Please note: language in context course students are typically those who have been brought up in a home where that language is used and who have a connection to the culture.

For further information regarding NSW School of Languages please contact Ms. Kate Thompson or for Secondary College of Languages contact Ms. Stephanie Rosier.​