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In years 9 and 10 students study a variety of topics in PDHPE including;

·         Health Consumerism

·         Road Safety

·         Respectful relationships

·         Sexual Health

·         Mental Health

·         Illicit drug use

Personal Development and Health education aims to give our students the knowledge and skills required to deal with the challenges of adolescence. Students experience these lessons through engaging with a variety of information and communication technologies, group work, class discussions and activities that explore the impact of behaviours based on a range of relevant scenario’s.

In practical lessons students are encouraged to reflect critically on their own and peers movement skills and set goals to improve. They usually participate in 2 different sports per term that cover a wide variety of interests including;

·         Netball

·         Invasion games

·         Striking and fielding games

·         European Handball

·         Frisbee

·         Soccer

·         Gaelic Football

·         Touch football

·         Racquet sports

·         Volleyball

·         Racquet sports

Physical activity and sports studies (PASS) – Elective Years 9 and 10

Students have the opportunity to choose PASS as an elective in years 9 and 10. The aim of the physical activity and sports studies syllabus is to enhance students' capacity to participate effectively in physical activity and sport, leading to improved quality of life for themselves and others. PASS represents a broad view of physical activity and the many possible contexts in which individuals can build activity into their lifestyle. It incorporates a wide range of lifelong physical activities, including recreational, leisure and adventure pursuits, competitive and non-competitive games, individual and group physical fitness activities, and the use of physical activity for therapy and remediation.

Some modules covered in PASS include;

·         Fundamental movement skills

·         Sports coaching

·         Sports administration

·         Issues in Physical activity and sport

·         Australia’s sporting identity

·         Technology in sport

·         Body systems and energy for movement

Child Studies – Elective Years 9 and 10

Child studies explore the broad range of social, environmental, genetic and cultural factors that influence the prenatal development and a child's sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Society has a responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for children in their early years, as this is crucial to optimal growth and development.

Some modules covered in Child Studies include;

·         Preparing for parenthood

·         Conception to birth

·         Caring for newborns

·         Play and the developing child

·         Aboriginal cultures and childhood

·         Preparing for parenthood