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Drama is taught at Killarney Heights High School Years 7 to 10 and into Year 11 and 12 for the higher school certificate (HSC) as a two-unit Australian tertiary admission rank (ATAR) subject.

Performance opportunities exist for drama students throughout the year, including the State Drama Ensembles, Shakespeare Carnival, Theatresports Tournaments, Plays and Musicals.

Students from Killarney Heights High School have successfully auditioned and been selected to perform with the state junior and senior drama ensemble as well as the state senior drama company, all of which are run as an extra-curricular activity by the performing arts unit. Training with these ensembles and companies leads to performance tours throughout NSW as well as performances at the state drama festival and plays at the Seymour Centre.

In Years 7 and 8, students are introduced to the elements of drama as a basis for characterisation and performance. Throughout Years 9 to 12, students engage in the making, performing and appreciating of a variety of theatre forms and styles such as commedia dell'arte, realism, Brecht and Theatre of the Oppressed, as well as investigating Australian theatre and world theatre to create a well-rounded experience of cultures and histories. Students can also produce design works in set and costume, and perform monologues, duologues, the original group devised performances as well as published scripted material.

Drama increases confidence, communication skills, oral literacy skills, problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills, that enable students to work in and mediate group projects. These sorts of skills are highly regarded and sort for in all workplace environments. The skills and knowledge acquired through the study of drama may be further utilised and employed including, but not confined to, the arts, media, theatre, radio, television, film, communications, design agencies, advertising, and community cultural development.


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