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In years 7 and 8 students study a variety of topics in PDHPE including;

·         Risk taking

·         Nutrition

·         Developing positive relationships

·         Resilience

·         Puberty and coping with change

·         Mental Health

·         Alcohol and marijuana use

Personal Development and Health education aims to give our students the knowledge and skills required to deal with the transition into high school and the journey through adolescence. Students experience these lessons through a exploring a variety of reputable websites and online tools that are used to increase awareness about their own health and develop the skills to support peers. Students are also encouraged to explore ways to improve their health through group work, class discussions and activities that explore the impact of behaviours that are influenced by a variety of values and attitudes.

In practical lessons students usually participate in 2 different sports per term that cover a wide variety of interests including;

·         Athletics

·         Net and court games

·         Indigenous games

·         Frisbee

·         Dance

·         Soccer

·         Hockey

·         Touch football

·         Cricket

·         AFL

·         Volleyball

·         Modified kicking games