Killarney Heights High School

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Parents and citizens' association

Killarney Heights High School parents and citizens' association (P&C) has one simple aim, and that is to ensure our children have the very best educational opportunities possible. 

Parents can support our school's P&C by attending meetings that are held twice a term, and paying the P&C contribution they will find on the school fee notice. With these contributions we support the school by providing resources to enhance:

  • the learning environment in the classroom
  • the physical environment of the school buildings and grounds.

In the past few years, we have achieved the following:

  • upgrade of canteen facilities
  • installation of fans in the Crossley Hall
  • additional resources for the classrooms and additional lockers
  • replacement of sunshade above the quad
  • creating an innovative collaborative learning space in A block common room
  • installation of air conditioning in the collaborative learning space and the band rehearsal space
  • 3rd science laboratory upgrade whereby P&C funding was matched by government funding, supported by our local MP, Brad Hazzard
  • new timpani for the band
  • introduction of new school jackets and hats through our collaboration with the uniform shop.

You can also email us on

For further information, you can look into the Northern Sydney District of P&C Associations.